Enhancing the Competitiveness of Galician SME.

DIH Data Life / Spain

In alliance with The Venture City, we created a data and technology-centered service ecosystem. We delivered a platform for Galician SME with the aim of enhancing their competitivity and establishing an open, connected and integrative network. This would serve to position the autonomous community of Galicia as a European bio-region in terms of innovation, quality and sustainability.

We focus on understanding in-depth the real needs of small and medium-sized companies in the city. In this way, our teams could begin to incorporate concepts such as artificial intelligence and big data in the primary, biotech, and health sectors. We started the research led by "The Venture City." After different surveys and interviews with SMEs related to the health, forestry, marine industry, technology, and agri-food sectors, we obtained the necessary insights to start designing according to the challenges and future projects of small and medium enterprises of each group in the Galician industry.

We create services designed to meet the real needs of SMEs in the region.

Thanks to the concepts of divergence-convergence, we created services designed to meet the real needs of SMEs in the region. In addition, we ensured the implementation of these new benefits, applying an attractiveness-effort matrix and using an implementation roadmap, where we contemplated two commercialization models that would guarantee direct and indirect revenues from partners and non-partners.