GenX - Design and experience knowledge and capabilities for a leading bank in Central America

Banco Agrícola / El Salvador.

It is crucial for the team of Banco Agrícola’s to know and be part of an experience-based generation, where transformation emanates not only from knowledge, but from challenges and new ways of working. With these motivations as our point of departure, we focused on generating and sharing Design Thinking capabilities with the Bank’s teams. We designed practical knowledge capsules, full of real life challenges and lots of team work!

After understanding the needs and perspectives of the teams within the bank, from Empathy, we designed different action plans that would help us to generate new design capabilities based on people. We explored from knowledge capsules and work sessions to retrospective spaces that led us to co-creation opportunities, experiences, and ideation with some teams of Banco Agrícola.

Design Thinking and an experience focused 100% in the users.

Each action plan or cycle was characterized by offering the necessary tools to understand the Design Thinking methodology in-depth and how it supports the results of a 100% user-focused experience. After several months of experimentation and learning, we delivered to the company's teams different knowledge that could be replicated internally and a high-fidelity prototype based on people's needs and desires.