Visualizing Extraordinary Stories of Anonymous Heroes

Protagonistas del progreso / Colombia.

Protagonistas del Progreso started in 2019. It is a social enterprise that documents extraordinary stories of anonymous heroes, where each narrative takes us to local characters that “transform everyday realities into great opportunities.” A year and many changes after, in 2020, a necessary question emerges: How can we produce and share new stories in an evermore virtual context?

Thanks to the unexpected change in plans due to the Pandemic, we decided to take theses stories to a printed and digital publication that people could read, listen to, read and keep. We positiones Protagonistas del Progreso among various output channels and trying new ways of reaching out to the world. We based our organic and straightforward graphic approach on the positive impact of the stories and the relevance of the heroe’s origins.

Creative collaborations for new impulses

We linked each narrative to the roots of a seed that expands itself and transforms processes, makes change happen and an impact on people. In addition, each article has our illustrated version of each of these local heroes, a proof of their work and a gallery of images that enhaces the experience of the publications.