Design of a Data-Based Model to Understand the Behavior of People in Different Service Channels

Protección / Colombia

In a world in which digital transformation is imminent, understanding the reason behind new behaviors among customers is key: the new dynamics resulting from changing interactions in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Being able to design new strategies that effectively meet the needs of people when interacting with Protección was essential to this project.

We approached our research through group sessions, participant observation, and quantitative data analysis. As a result, we understod their lifestyle, relation to the digital world, and the extent of their use of digital channels in their daily lives. We matched these new groups with the company’s archetypes and defined four new clusters.

Understanding Clients’ and Users’ Perceptions of the Various Channels of Protección

Our research allowed us to build an analytical model that enabled detailed information about the company’s channels and the interactions that take place in them, products, and services. Furthermore, our UX research and service design team created a methodology that successfully integrated qualitative and quantitative data.